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Our story

Lakshya India Vanguard Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is the specialized company providing complete construction solutions with Pre-Engineering Building components. Lakshya India Vanguard Engineers Pvt. Ltd. integrates Pre-Engineering Building products into attractive and functional custom buildings. It is an organization that is successful, progressive and continually upgrading itself. The components are designed for specific applications or as per requirements of the clients and hence are cost-effective.


Pre-engineered building (PEB) were introduced into the steel building industry to facilitate fast design, delivery and erection of simple low rise structure like canopies, ware houses etc. PEB can be constructed in much less than the normal time for other structure. PEB is a structure concept were while all the components of a building are designed, detailed and fabricated to suit the specific requirement of design and service ability yet very much standardized to facilitate ease in design, dateline, fabrication & erection. There would be no cutting or welding at site, the erector would only use spanners to connect the various elements together.


  • Enable construction of comparatively lightweight yet robust structures, capable of     handling extremely large loads.
  • Reduce the overall construction time, right from the design phase to complete erection of the structure.
  • They are most effective for construction of large span structures that ensure effective utilization of space.
  • They offer great flexibility for expansion and can even be dismantled and relocated without much trouble.
  • Maintenance free, energy efficient & environment friendly

Laakshya India Vanguard Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The Company was established 2016 by our mentor, Mr. Santhosh H.M. , Mr. Prasanna G.N. and Mr. Shashikumar Directors who has 11 years experience in PEB line. We have 150 employees working in 20000 sq feet work area we have been able to gain commendable position in the market in such short period of time. Owing to our customer centric approach, which was implemented in our company since its establishment, we have catered to a huge clientele across different markets of India

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Lakshya India Vanguard Engineers(LIVE) is a PEB (Pre-Engineered Buildings) company providing Architectural Building Solutions with expertise in pre-fabrication and turnkey project delivery. It’s a company managed by highly experienced constructions & Civil Engineering professional having over one decades of individual experiences with wide range of skill sets and expertise in various processes.

We cater to a wide spectrum of clients, having been involved in projects covering a broad spread of industrial sectors. We have the flexibility to tailor our production to meet the needs of our clients. Our experienced team works closely with our clients from the design stage of projects through the final installation and delivery. Our services in steel fabrication rolling and welding together combined with our hands-on, practical knowledge of the industry allows us to provide a full and comprehensive range of PEB services with an objective deliver highest level of customer satisfaction. And we have been successfully doing this to our existing clients.

LIVE is a quality driven company and we make sure that every product manufactured at our end guarantees excellent quality and delivers superior performance. We follow stringent quality measures strictly and maintain the current quality standards at every level of the manufacturing process. The entire manufacturing process is stringently scrutinized at different levels and stages. We have a team of quality controllers, Which Strictly Ensures that all the products are thoroughly checked on several quality parameters.